John Peña leads the executive team at Elite Exams.  Mr. Peña served in the United States Armed Forces and applies the discipline, experience, and passion for serving others to the fundamental core of Elite Exams, which is expressed in everything they do.

Mr. Peña served as an aero-medic in the US Air Force for twelve years from 1994 – 2006. He holds several awards recognizing him for honors in the field of combat medicine, as well as in a clinical setting. His highest commendation is the US Air Force Achievement Medal, for which he was recognized for standardizing a procedure for delivering high risk newborns. To this day, this procedure saves the lives of countless critical newborns throughout military hospitals around the world.

In 1999, John became a paramedical examiner with PSA of Anchorage Alaska chartering the Oil industry before moving onto Approved Med Services EMSI of Northbrook, Illinois and APPS of Illinois. On his weekends and downtime he served with the Air Force Reserves on board the oldest C-130 E Hercules fleet, flying with the famous “Flying Vikings” and received the highest flying safety award in the U.S. Air Force. 

He then moved took a position that enabled him to control of scheduling and supervising the quality and professionalism of the examiners than can be presently found in the market today. John is the Owner and the Executive PME of Elite Exams.


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